User Centered Program Design Course

Elective KTH course within Master's Programmes in
Latest update August 23, 1996, by Yngve Sundblad

The course was fully established in the spring term1995, influenced by experience from Apple interface design project 1993 & 1994.

It consists of methods and interdisciplinary user centered design project

Three method exercises in interdisciplinary groups of three students (2 credits):

Design project in groups of about six students (4 credits)

Document design process, interview users in their natural settings, with mock-ups, with industrial design, with graphic design, video film, interactive Macro Mind Director presentation, oral presentation.

In 1995 the projects were based on the Interval Research and Apple interface design project themes.

The 1996 project theme was
"Design of flexible computer support for further education and competence development of grown-ups through explorative search for knowledge"
Seven projects with students from technology, psychology and design were performed:

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