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Evaluation of (N)GSLT Clustering Course Autmumn 2008

A short five question evaluation form was given to all six students who attended the last meeting. Here the questions and a summary of the answers are presented.

1. Do you think that the contents of the course were relevant to you?

Everybody thought it was relevent to them.

2. Do you think the course was too hard? Too Easy? Too time-consuming?

The course was not considered to hard nor to easy and it was not considered too time-consuming.

3. What do you think about the examination of the course? (Two computer assignments and a final project) Was it suitable?

The course examination was considered suitable. One person found the labs unnecessary.

4. How was the realization of the course?

Everybody agreed that the course was well realized: "well-balanced", "interesting lectures".

5. Do you have any other comments, praise or criticism of the course?

Some comments:
  • "A very useful course"
  • "Infomat - useful"
  • "Too praactically oriented"
  • "I would have liked to know more about other kinds of clustering than document (*terms) clustering.
  • "Good enthusiastic teaching"

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Published by: Magnus Rosell <>
Updated 2008-12-11