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Ulf Andersson

Telephone: +46 8 790 6206 / +46 70 275 6206, fax: +46 8 247 784
Address: KTH, PDC/CSC, SE-100 44 Stockholm
Visiting address: Teknikringen 14, room 410
Time for receiving visitors: -

(Byt språk till svenska.)

Professional activities

  • As of February 1st 2009, I have terminated my employment at KTH.
  • If you want to reach me personally, use my private e-mail. If you do not have it, call me on my cell phone and ask for it.
  • Whom to contact if you wanted to reach me as a PDC staff member:
    • For PRACE WP3 matters contact Mike Hammill, PDC.
    • For PRACE WP6 matters contact Prof. Lennart Johnsson or Gilbert Netzer, PDC.
    • For PRACE Petascale Summer School matters, mail prace-p2s2-info at
    • For other PDC matters contact the PDC helpdesk.
  • I worked at PDC as application expert from March 2001 to September 2008. I was on leave-of-absence from September 2006 to June 2007.
  • I worked within the WP3 and WP6 in the PRACE project. I was the chairman of the Program Committee for the PRACE Petascale Summer School.
  • My PDC reports are available at this page.
  • I was the coordinator of the PDC HPC summer school Introduction to High-Performance Computing, 2004-2006. In 2008 this task is handled by Michael Hanke.
  • During the fall of 2001, I visited the Applied Mathematics Department at Princeton twice (two one-month visits).
  • I defended my Ph.D. thesis on March 9th 2001. The title of my thesis is Time-Domain Methods for the Maxwell Equations. It is out-of-print, but it is available on-line at KTH-B. During my Ph.D. studies I worked within the GEMS project. My supervisor was Professor. Björn Engquist.
  • In my Ph.D exam, 60 course credits are included. The courses are listed here (in Swedish).
  • Some of my publications can be found at C2M2:s publications page, among the PSCI reports and on the PDC reports page.
  • I am a contributor to the FDTD BibTeX file. Some of my publications are listed there. (Search on author andersson to find them.)


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