On the Behaviour in Scale-Space of Local Extrema and Blobs

Tony Lindeberg

Proc. 7th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis, (Aalborg, Denmark), pages 8--17, Aug. 1991.
Also in Theory and Applications of Image Analysis Selected Papers from the 7th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis, pages 38--47, (P. Johansen and S. Olsen, eds.), World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, 1992.


We apply elementary techniques from real analysis and singularity theory to derive analytical results for the behaviour in scale-space of critical points and related entities. The main results of the treatment comprise:
  • a description of the general nature of trajectories of critical points in scale-space.
  • an estimation of the drift velocity of critical points and edges.
  • an analysis of the qualitative behaviour of critical points in bifurcation situations.
  • a classification of what types of blob bifurcations are possible.

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Tony Lindeberg