Partial view from the installation
at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo,
Santiago de Chile 2004.

NAUTHIZ is the name of an old Viking rune,
representing the concept of CONSTRAINT -

The room is darkened. Upon entering, the spectator is confronted with a large "catafalque"
on the floor abt. 2 x 3 m., made of hundreds of newspaper sheet. From its surface erupts
a multitude of images, as a metaphore for the highly visualized lifestyle
of today where everything has to be certified by an image to be "true".

Further away, two small parallel monitors are incrusted in the wall,
showing a contemporary urban panorama.
The light goes slowly from morning to evening to morning,
showing time passing. (The scene was filmed with two parallel cameras
at a 30 min. interval for 24 hours.)

A whispering voice is reading a text like a prayer
- the variations of the stockmarket.

The entire room is filled with fragments of mirrors, hanging from the ceiling at different levels.
Every visitor will see himself at least once during the visit. The overall sound embalming the room
is low, heavy, like ocean waves throwing themselves to the shore, or the rumour of a big city.

This installation was riginally created for the exhibition "L'Amour, La Mort, La Guerre"
at the C.I.C.V. Montbéliard 1990


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