"Those who would give up
Essential Liberty to purchase a
little Temporary Safety,
deserve neither Liberty nor
Safety" - Benjamin Franklin

Torbjörn Granlund

I am a PhD student in the TCS group at KTH. My advisors are Johan Håstad and Pär Kurlberg. I will leave KTH in the summer of 2014.

Research interest

My principal interest is in arithmetic, in particular in arithmetic on large numbers ("bignum arithmetic"). A related interest is computational number theory. I am the main author of the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library, GMP.

Other interests include algorithm and program efficiency, practical program correctness, compilers, and computer architecture.


I am responsible for the Compiler Construction course. I have also been assisting teacher in the ADK course several times, and have been involved in Avancerade algoritmer in various ways.


Address (postal) KTH, Nada
100 44 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Address (visiting) Teknikringen 14, 5th floor, room 518 (please call cellular phone for entry)
Phone (office) +46 (0)8 790 TBD
Phone (cellular) +46 (0)73 669 6135
Email tege at gmplib dot org


Title Place/Time Co-authors
Branch elimination and the GNU superoptimizer PLDI'92 Richard Kenner
Integer division by constants PLDI'94 Peter Montgomery
How We Cracked the Code Book Ciphers Nov 2000 F. Almgren, G. Andersson, L. Ivansson, S. Ulfberg
Instruction latencies and throughput for AMD and Intel x86 processors Jan 2011
Improved Division by Invariant Integers IEEE Transactions on Computers, 11 Jun 2010 Niels Möller
Division of Integers Large and Small to appear Niels Möller