Mormon Temple, SLC

American Trucks, Wyoming

Gibbon's river and falls

Yelowstone Range

Mammoth, Yellowstone

Yellowstone Cabin

Canyon, Yellowstone

50$ tourist trap

Old Faithful spectators


OF Lodge

Milner, Idaho

Oregon Trail, Idaho

Glenn's Fery, 3 island crossing

Land of Freedom? Boise, Idaho

Eastern Oregon

John Day Fossil Beds, Sheep Rock


Delta Campground Nature Trail

UoO Nike Center & Ferrari Leather

Cooks Ridge Trail, Yachats

Chantarels at Gwynn Creek Trail, Yachats

Oregon Coast

Mount Thielsen

Crater Lake

Jack London's favourite hotel

Rogue River Valley

Stout Groove River Trail

Howtland road

Tallest Trees, Jedediah Smith SP

Bull Creek Trail

Dean Creek, Redway

Pizzeria, Redway

Sea Lions, Fort Bragg

Lonely Planet Favourite, Fort Bragg

Navarro River Redwoods

Geyserville B&B

Ramazetto Wineyard

Coppola Farm & Museum

Approaching SF

Outside Backpackers' Inn


Coit Tower

Lombard Street

Godfather in Coit Tower

America's Cup, SF



Riding Cable Cars

Fairmont Hotel

Free-masons at Mason Street

Market Street

SF Airport