I am extremely reachable.

If you claim you tried to reach me without succeeding, I am either dead, the reason is entirely clear by information on my home page (guess where!) or you have not really tried to reach me. Let me expand on the latter:

Do you have a clear question?

I get many emails of rather vague or general content. I am not always in the mood where I find it natural to answer.

Moreover, from March 1 2012 I am professor emeritus, and have no obligation (like state employees have) to answer to emails when I do not think my answer would matter, nor to register them as official documents. If you ask me for a job at KTH that has not been announced, I cannot give you one and I will normally not answer. This applies also to traineeships. Moreover, the mail you send me will be considered personal and not KTH-related. It is only if I read it and consider it a KTH mail that I will forward it to a suitable KTH employee as an official document according to the Swedish Constitution.

Don't ask me for a job or internship.

Open positions are announced for the Department , School and the KTH .
Do not worry about the somewhat Gothic application instructions:
just try to follow them or, even better, consult the persons indicated in the announcement.

I do not like unreadable email

Word processor files in internal format are not recognized standards. If I receive non-standard files by email you should not assume that I read them, unless that is a condition in commissioned work I do. It is extremely trivial on the sending side (i.e., your side) to save any document in text format before you send it, or to convert it to pdf format. If you don't, I take it as a sign that you do not really care whether or not I read it. Technology progresses, though. When I retired I switched from Linux to OSX, and lots of files I did not bother to read earlier are now easily readable.

I do not like spam email

Many mails start with the infomation that my email client cannot read this mail. That is, maybe, unfortunate, but it is nothing I will do anything about. Please send me mails my client can read. The mails the client does not read are often html files. This format is meant for web pages, not emails. Moreover, the html format correlates quite well with spam mails.

What can I do about this?

I give everyone who sends me unreadable or inapproippriate email a pointer to this text. Several such persons have indicated that they will try to help me because I have problems. In my opinion, they have problems..... But sometimes I feel that this battle is lost.. By the way, if you could not answer my question at the top of this page, the answer is here: Contact information, always.