Research and Advanced level Course, Fall 2009:
FDD3001, DD3001, DA2205: Research - Theory, Method, Practice

Both courses are 7.5 hp.


For the Master's level DA2205 course, 4.5 hp is given by the philosophy unit and teaching is common with the course AK2034/AK2030. Schedule for FDD3001 and first part of DA2205 below. Questions and Office hours: After lectures or by appointment (via email): , INCLUDE COURSE NUMBER DA2205 or DD3001 IN SUBJECT LINE!!

Course over!

I have given feedback and registered results for all homeworks submitted before Christmas. If you feel that I missed yours, please contact me.

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Second part of DA2205

The course number is AK2030, The schedule is in Time-Edit. You see the course information by logging into the Bilda system with your KTH account.

Course Curriculum

Course Description, DD3001
Lecture Schedule 2009(complete)
Course Package 2009
Homework, due Dec 15 2009

Some pointers

Current discussion of CUDOS vs PLACE(in Swedish):
CUDOS again
LERU issued a critical report on the role of Universities. Personally, I think they got it quite right ..

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