Research and Advanced level Course, Fall 2008:
FDD3001, DD3001, DA2205: Research - Theory, Method, Practice

2009 course
For the Master's level DA2205 course, 4.5 hp is given by the philosophy unit and teaching is common with the course AK2034/AK2040. Its schedule is given below.

Schedule for DA2205, second part is same as AK2034

Course Description DA2205, second part is same as AK2034

Schedule for FDD3001 and first part of DA2205 below. Questions and Office hours: After lectures or by appointment (via email).
Homework, due Dec 15 2008
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The Siege of Science
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Hiroshi Ishiguro with one of his creations


Three researchers from Uppsala University recently questioned
the assumptions behind current Swedish Research Policy.

The minister of research answered that there is no consensus
among researchers to abolish bibliometry and that it is
obviously important to administer towards material gains
from research. By working hard in this course you will
become able to analyze this and similar questions.