Lecture Schedule 2009, FDD3001: Research: Theory, Method, Practice.

Most lectures except first one in room 1537, lindstedtsvagen 3, floor 5.

Individual advising in/outside my office, room 1436, Lindstedtsvagen 3, floor 4

Reading advice will be posted here before lectures

Sept 14 10:15-12:00, room E36, Osquars Backe 2, floor 3
Introduction and course overview.
Slides, pdf
Slides, 4/page, pdf

This week, try to read Course Package (Compendium) items:
Dahlberg: Law and Emotion, Nordic Theatre Studies, Vol. 21 (2009).

Recommended (not in course):
Sept 17, 13:15-14:30 in room D3:
Can you measure scientific excellence - and if so, how?
Dr. Robert J.W. Tijssen, Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University, The Netherlands, will open this seminar at KTH

Sept 21 10:15-12:00, room D34, Lindstedvagen 5, floor 3
Reading Assignment: Leif Dahlberg: Law and Emotion
Leif Dahlberg, KTH CSC

Now, try to read:
Kuhn(1) and maybe:
Ben-David (11),
Google Knol on d'Alembert paradox,
and if you chose Hoffman et al as course book, its Chapter 17

Sept 24, 13:15-15:00, room Q36, Osquldas vag 6B
Computational Science: The d'Alembert paradox: resolved or not?
Johan Hoffman, KTH CSC

Sept 28 : NO LECTURE !!!

Oct 05 10:15-12:00, room 1537, Lindstedtsvagen 3, floor 5
Paradigms and wars in sciences (elective)
Slides, pdf
Slides, 4/page, pdf

Oct 12 10:15-12:00, room D31, Lindstedtsv 5
Robotics Research: Danica Kragic, KTH CSC

Read: Paul, Charney and Kendall (8)
Ibn Khaldun(7)
Slides, 4/page, pdf

Examples, 4/page, pdf(accessible from KTH domain)

Oct 19 10:15-12:00, room 1537
Rhetorics of Science: How to write papers and applications.

Recommended reading: Oakley(5)

Sign up for one of the following two:

1:Oct 26 10:15-12:00, room 1537,
Critical Research Methodologies and Gender, Jenny Sundén, KTH CSC

2:Oct 26 13:15-15:00, room 1439 (CSC Library, Lindstedsvagen 3, floor 4),
Critical Research Methodologies and Gender, Jenny Sundén, KTH CSC

Reading: AMC research code (21), and listed web sites

Nov 02 10:15-12:00, room 1537
slides, slides, 4/page,
Ethics and Law.

Recommended Reading

Nov 09 10:15-12:00, room 1537
Brain Research, Erik Fransén, CSC CB
Summing Up (SA)