Staffan Romberger

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Address information

+46 8 790 8164
Room number
1615, Lindstedtsvägen 3, level 6
Look for me in my room or make an appointment by e-mail
+46 8 790 0930 (not personal, mark with "Staffan Romberger/IPLab")
Postal address
Staffan Romberger
Nada, KTH
S-100 44 Stockholm
Telephone at home
+46 8 643 1455
Postal address at home
Staffan Romberger
Helgagatan 36-3-3
S-118 58 Stockholm
Jag bor i en trevlig bostadsrättsförening som heter Metern.

This is where I work

Interaction and presentation laboratory.

Teaching, responsible for

Teaching, member of the teaching team

I also coordinate the timetables for Nada’s courses and examinations.

Till kurs 2D2020/ingmed

  • Om fiktiv tenta.
  • Extenta okt 2003.
  • Extenta jun 2004.
  • Extenta okt 2006.
  • Pointers to the rest of the world

  • The Virtual Tourist