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Email: sindhu[at]nada dot kth dot se or you can use sindhu[at]csc dot kth dot se

I defended my PhD in April 2013 and will not be maintaining this page actively. A more current page about me can be found at this link

Past Activity

The current focus of my research is on optimizing the tool which we have developed on the basis of our earlier research for automatic test case generation (ATCG) for testing of safety critical embedded software systems. The tool was developed on the idea of using incremental learning of system under test (SUT), which can be modeled as Moore Automata initially. To begin with an off the shelf algorithm available in literature was used to materialize this idea. But initial research led us to the conclusion that this algorithm was too limited therefore a new algorithm in which SUT can be modeled as a deterministic Kripke structure with multi bit output was devised and implemented with two variants (with and without prefix closure). Promising results on this learning frame work led us to integrate the *Incremental Kripke Learner* with the NuSMV model checker which provides counter examples when a specific requirment/specification formula is violated, this counterexample can be used as an interesting test case for SUT. An initial version of the (ATCG) tool is now ready and has been put to test on a few reactive systems like the cruise controller and an elevator system for multiple floors. The results indicate the usefulness of incremental learning over complete learning for ATCG by detecting the bug/error much earlier than the systems which try to learn the system completely. In the next stage we want to optimize this tool and scale it to systems with even larger state space.


Technical Reports


I worked as a Lecturer in Computer Science Department of Quaid i Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan  prior to joining CSC as a PhD Student. I taught CS-301 Computer Sytems , CS-353 Database Design and CS-482 Web Engineering there along with superivising final projects of MSc students relevant to Databases, Web, DLD and Software Engineering.


Interesting Courses (while at CSC, KTH)


In Semantic and Logic Interest Group at CSC, KTH.

  • About Angluin's ID Algorithm (April 29, 2009)

  • About IID Algorithm (May 13, 2009)

In HATS Project Meeting at CWI, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • Model Mining at KTH (May 12, 2010) pdf

In proceedings of 5th International Conference on Tests and Proofs TAP 2011 at ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Incremental Learning-based Testing for Reactive Systems. pdf

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