Nonholonomic Epipolar Visual Servoing

G. Lopez-Nicolas, C. Sagues, J.J. Guerrero, Danica Kragic and Patric Jensfelt


A significant amount of work has been reported in the area of visual servoing during the last decade. However, most of the contributions are applied in cases of holonomic robots. More recently, the use of visual feedback for control of nonholonomic vehicles has been reported. Some of the examples are docking and parallel parking maneuvers of cars or vision-based stabilization of a mobile manipulator to a desired pose with respect to a target of interest. Still, many of the approaches are mostly interested in the control part of visual servoing loop considering very simple vision algorithms based on artificial markers. In this paper, we present an approach for nonholonomic visual servoing based on epipolar geometry. The method facilitates a classical teach-by-showing approach where a reference image is used to define the desired pose (position and orientation) of the robot. The major contribution of the paper is the design of the control law that considers nonholonomic constraints of the robot as well as the robust feature detection and matching process based on scale and rotation invariant image features. An extensive experimental evaluation has been performed in a realistic indoor setting and the results are summarized in the paper.

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