Mike Hammill: Project List

Below is a list of projects I am actively involved in. Past projects are not listed. For each project, my primary tasks are given along with links to internal documentation I wrote on these projects. This list is also available in plain text. Note that the links under "Further Information" often require login information only available internally; i.e., it is the same as for the PDC admin pages.

Table of Contents

1 System Administration

1.1 My Tasks

  • Write software for creating CACs from SNAC's time allocations
  • Write software for helping create/maintain user accounts related to SNAC allocations
  • Develop and maintain Web server (Apache/Plone/Zope) for PDC's main outward-facing pages; watch for security problems
  • Help with user accounts: reset user password, extend user principals, create volumes, set access rights
  • Create and update CACs, especially for SNAC large allocations
  • Add info to KTH's user database, UGweb
  • Add staff to (some) mailing lists, and maintain pdc-announce with Web archive
  • Watch root/cron, sysadmin and other mail for problems

1.2 Programs I Wrote

  • Programs for large-level CAC generation and related software at /afs/pdc.kth.se/public/shpc.net/snac/*/adm/crontab
  • Programs for extracting usernames and related software at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/Allocation/db/principal/
  • Programs for checking the project database and extending Kerberos principals for users, and related software, at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/Allocation/db/principal/
  • Programs for medium-level CAC generation and related software at /afs/pdc.kth.se/public/shpc.net/snac/Extra/MediumCACs/

1.3 Internal Documentation I Wrote

  • Creating Large PDC SNAC Allocation Previews (for Lindgren).

    This is a copy of the official documentation at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/Allocation/db/snac/doc/creating_pdc_large_snac_previews.* Here is the result.

  • Creating PDC Large SNAC CACs.

    This is a copy of the official documentation at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/Allocation/db/snac/doc/creating_pdc_large_snac_cacs.*

  • Creating PDC Medium SNAC CACs: /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/Allocation/db/Local_CAC/Medium/README
  • Creating PDC Local CACs: /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/Allocation/db/Local_CAC/README
  • Extracting Usernames from Large SNAC CACs for Lindgren.

    This is a copy of the official documentation at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/Allocation/db/snac/doc/gen_usernames_for_lindgren.*

  • Sanity Checking the PDC CAC Database and Extending Kerberos Principals for PIs.

    This is a copy of official documentation at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/Allocation/db/principal/doc/

  • Building the PDC Web Server

    This is a copy of official documentation at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/web/doc/building-the-pdc-web-server.*, as mentioned in the document, all the config files currently being used on wrasse are in AFS under RCS at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/web/config/wrasse/.

  • Upgrading Plone

    This is a copy of official documentation at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/web/doc/upgrading-plone.*

1.4 Further Information

2 Infrastructure

2.1 My Tasks

  • Write and maintain tools that gather job, resource, and user info
  • Look into integration of tools and data from other sources (e.g., diva, SNIC pbs scripts, UGweb)
  • Generate various statistics: STAC board meeting, SNAC usage, SNIC half-year report
  • Occasionally help with domain/URL redirection

2.2 Programs I Wrote

  • Programs for generating and sending usage statements for Lindgren users at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/pas/las
  • Programs for generating usage overviews based on EASY job scheduler output at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/Allocation/Easy_Stats/

2.3 Internal Documentation I Wrote

3 Web

3.1 My Tasks

  • Keep Plone upgraded and up-to-date with security patches
  • Look into various techniques for doing things in Plone (e.g., animated gifs, portals, build-in searches)
  • Look into various techniques for doing things outside of Plone (e.g, turn flash news into an RSS feed, create an image gallery, track statistics via Google)
  • Create content, particularly news, events on demand
  • Help create and maintain image repository for PDC digital camera
  • Give staff usernames and access rights on Plone
  • Create Web forms
  • Do tasks related to being one of the Indico managers, including continued communication with the Indico maintainers at Albanova.
  • Create, re-purpose, modify graphics, e.g., logos

3.2 Internal Documentation I Wrote

  • Creating an Animation of PDC Projects Logos

    This is a copy of the official documentation at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/web/doc/creating-animated-pdc-projects.*

  • Adding a New Admin to Plone

    This is a copy of the official documentation at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/web/doc/adding-a-new-admin-to-plone.*

  • How to put images in the gallery: /afs/pdc.kth.se/public/extra/howto_image_gallery

3.5 Further Information

4 PDC Newsletter

4.1 My Tasks

  • Acquire materials from staff and others
  • Create production schedule, make sure it's followed
  • Copy-edit materials (some translation)
  • Work with layout expert, and printers to produce the final copy
  • Maintain production and publication sites for newsletter (the former site so material can be more easily re-purposed)

4.2 Internal Documentation I Wrote

4.3 Further Information

5 Training and Education

5.1 My Tasks

  • Help organize, teach at, or be otherwise involved with various teaching/outreach activities at PDC (e.g., PDC Summer School, PRACE Summer School, ICEAGE, Niornas vecka, etc)
  • Create and update Indico site for Summer School
  • Advertise Summer School (newsletter articles, calls for participation)
  • Create and maintain tools, as needed to administer courses (e.g., class account builder, paper submission system, evaluation system, document more how SAS/PSS/SES/PAS work
  • Be a tutor for Summer School student projects, including pre-grade reviewing of project reports
  • Maintain statistics on Summer School attendance, evaluations
  • Summarize class account usage
  • Answer RT questions in the Summer School queue

5.2 Programs I Wrote

  • Programs to administer Summer School (SAS), a student database with tools for sending e-mail, building accounts, etc. at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/summerschool/sas/
  • Online system to accept, review, grade student project work (PSS) at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/summerschool/pss
  • Online evaluation system for courses (SES) at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/summerschool/ses
  • Programs for generating and sending usage statements for Summer School students at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/pas/dn2258/

5.3 Recent Material I Wrote Based on Ideas and Comments from Erwin and Jon

5.4 Internal Documentation I Wrote

5.5 Further Information

I set up the following coordinator areas:

  • /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/summerschool/
  • /afs/pdc.kth.se/public/www/training/*/SummerSchool/Internt/
  • /afs/pdc.kth.se/public/www/training/


6.1 My Tasks

  • Create and run the large- and medium- level SNAC application system
  • Provide on-going support for the SNAC WG in using the system in terms of generating cross-center statistics, databases, e-mail to reviewers
  • Provide support for snac applicants, including answering RT questions in the snac-support queue
  • Generate summary information SNAC/SNIC uses in report writing

6.2 Programs I Wrote

6.3 Internal Documentation I Wrote

6.3.2 For SNIC (work done for SNAC)

  • SNAC Systems Manual (large level)
  • /afs/pdc.kth.se/public/shpc.net/snac/Medium/doc/ (medium level)


7.1 My Tasks

  • Modify PDC account statement program for DEISA usage statement generation
  • Update DEISA CACs

7.2 Programs I Wrote

  • Program for generating and sending usage statements for DEISA users at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/deisa/das/. This has been put in a cron on Ekman.


8.1 My Tasks

  • Read PRACE e-mail lists: 1ip-wp3, events, press-team, web-team
  • Provide backup support for Lilit
  • Help advertise PRACE events locally


9.1 My Tasks

  • Participate in weekly telcons
  • Help write joint center document on metrics
  • Help with setuping up meeting place for group at SONC

9.2 Internal Documentation I Wrote with STAC WG

Final documents produced, 31 May 2011. These documents are not for circulation beyond PDC.

10 General

10.1 My Tasks

  • Keep track of time spent in various projects
  • Maintain own machine
  • Participate in staff meetings, etc

10.2 Programs I Wrote/Patched

11 Support

11.1 My Tasks

  • Occasionally help with RT tickets, and occasionally directly help users
  • Create code for round-robin assignment of reqtators
  • Help maintain user account form
  • Attend support meetings

11.2 Programs/Documentation I Wrote

  • Round-robin reqtator scheduler at /afs/pdc.kth.se/public/www/admin/reqtator/schema.py and document in the same directory schema_howto_example

12 Other

12.1 My Tasks

  • Read messages from "IBM PartnerWorld" (IBM PR channel for customers)
  • Answer everyday questions from PDC staff

13 Public Relations

13.1 My Tasks

  • Write programs to send out e-mail to various sets PDC-interested people
  • Send out press releases and other materials (including the yearly Xmas card) to various sources inside and outside PDC/KTH
  • Participate in CSC Kommunikationsprojekt (pending)

13.2 Programs I Wrote

  • Programs to send e-mail to various PDC users (mime and non-mime version) at /afs/.pdc.kth.se/misc/pdc/adm/pr/mass_mail, including Xmas card example.

13.3 Archive of Sent Messages

  • In HSM: see /afs/pdc.kth.se/home/m/mike/pr/announce/*.tar.xz.hsm

14 Scalalife

14.1 My Tasks

  • Provided some Indico help with ScalaLife setup
  • Help with some domain redirection

15 SeRC

15.1 My Tasks

  • Help with advertising SeRC events on PDC's home page
  • Provide some consulting on apache/web setup for SeRC

16 EGI

16.1 My Tasks

  • No activity since compiling the EGEE-UF5 Conference Program

16.2 Archive of Past Work

  • The EGEE-UF5 Conference Program and all the files that went into creating it are saved in HSM: see /afs/pdc.kth.se/home/m/mike/proj_intl/egi/egee_uf.tar.xz.hsm

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Author: Mike Hammill

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