Mattias Andrée

Just a picture of me

I am a software engineer with extensive experience, particularly in lowlevel userland technology and utilities. My area of expertise is flexibility and reliability; of course I can write fast programs too, but that is seldom important, often trumped by maintainability. I aim for full documentation, both for users and for programmers of posterity. I am a developer at

I am currently attending university, and earning a Master of Science in Engineering and Master of Education, in Matematics and Computer Science. This is a university education with double masters, as Master of Science in Engineering in Matematics and Computer Science, and as Master of Education in Matematics and Computer Science. The programme is a collaboration between Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University.

I am a blood donor, granulocyte donor, organ donor, and am unregistered from the PKU register and from the Swedish Church. I am also a volunteer homework assistant with the Swedish Red Cross, and a monthly donor to the Free Software Foundation and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.


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