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Hello dear visitor! My name is Stanislav Khromov and this is my personal homepage at KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology. I hope that you will find something of interest here. Feel free to visit my programming guide, "Stanislav's beginners guide to JAVA", play the game I created as my final project in Introduction to Computer Science - World of Zuul". Please note that this page does not contain information about my current classes and might be slightly more outdated than the swedish version.

I am originally of russian heritage and was born there, moving to sweden at the age of six. Since then I have been residing in a southern suburb to Stockholm called Tumba. I went to elementary school at the Storvreten school and continued on with high school at Tullinge Gymnasium, where I studied with an emphasis on mathematics and computer science.

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JAVA programming course

I am currently working on a simple JAVA guide for absolute beginners of programming. The guide is available on the link below, and is in english.

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