Course analysis for Software Development Prutt06

for I, E and Media, Period 4 2006

Author: Karl Meinke, Nada

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Below is a course analysis for the course Software Development for I, E and Media. In the text we refer to a new course analysis developed in collaboration with student course representatives.

Course data

Course2D1385 Software Development for I, E and Media. (4p)
Examination Lab1 G/U (2p), Lab2-6: 3/4/5 (2p)
Course period Period 4 2006
Lectures 24 h
Exercises 12 h (6 st)
Labs (timetabled) 14 h
Coursebook Braude, Software Design, Wiley, 2003.
Number of students 120
Number of exercise groups 2 (7 weeks)
Finished lab 1 050519 94% (last year 98%)
Finished lab 2 050519 92% (last year 96%)
Prestationsgrad 050421 79% have completed the course (completed all labs and passed exam) (last year 73%?)
Examinationsgrad 050421 80% have passed the exam, either as tenta or omtenta. (last year 64%?)
Course teacher Karl Meinke
Exercise class teachers Karl Meinke, Lars Arvestad

Course Evaluation Form

26 students completed a course evaluation during the second to last lecture. (Paper format). This represents just 21% (last year 26%) of students taking the course, so the results are not necessarily representative. A total of 22 questions were discussed, and we present only the most significant below, followed by some student comments. Below, 5 represents highest approval and 1 represents lowest approval.


Here are a selection of comments, several of these, e.g shortage of lab assistants, came up many times:

"Bra hemsida"
"Flera assar behövs"
"Hemtentan: det är svårare när alla frågor bygger så mycket på varandra. Vore schysstare med uppdelade frågor"
"Jag tyckte att det var en rolig och intressant kurs"
"Föreläsningarna var lite för långsamma"
"Lite för snabba genomgångar på föreläsningar"
"Bra föreläsare, bra föreläsning"
"Det har varit alldeles för få övningar"
"Det är en god ide att deltagerna ska aktiveras och hjälpa till att lösa problem"


The results for labs 1 and 2 are slightly worse than last year. But overall, lab and exam performance are significantly better than last year. This may have been improved by removing one of the labs for technical reasons.


According to the study handbook, the goals of the course are: We also cover significant new concepts such as the XP development model, network programming and XML. The aim is to make the course up to date and interesting.

Changes made to the course

Actual course contents

Changes to the course notes meant that several shifts of emphasis were made in the course. UML, patterns, software lifecycles, threads and OO programming principles increased in significance. Cryptography, frameworks, beans decreased. All other aspects were unchanged. The structure of each class can be found att lecture contents.

Reflections on this years course

  • Unreliable lab assistants made lab examination much slower and harder than it should have been. This was the most significant course complaint by far.
  • Some students want more exercise classes. However the number of scheduled classes seems fixed here.
  • Generally the lab exercises are well appreciated.
  • Intended Changes for next year

    Appendix: Course Description

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