DD1363 Software Engineering - Term Paper Guidelines.

A term paper is an original, in-depth exploration of some current topic in software engineering. The paper must be new for this course, not a revised paper written for some other course. The paper may be largely survey in nature. You will have considerable latitude in choosing your topic, but all topics must be software-engineering-related and approved in advance by the course leader.

The subject matter for a term paper might be chosen from e.g.: project management, software lifecycle models, software development environments and tools, requirements capture, verification and validation, testing, programming language design, future programming languages, platforms or architectures, emerging standards, project failures, risk management etc etc. This list is not exhaustive.

Your term paper will gain particular merit if it is oriented towards the state of the art and/or current research.

One of the main purposes of the term paper is to assign a course grade to each student that is based on their own individual work effort. The term paper is not a collaborative exercise! Plagiarism (including lifting text from web pages) will be monitored and disciplinary action will be taken in all cases.

You may write your term paper in Swedish or English.

The term paper assignment has two components: initial abstract and final submission.

Initial Abstract

Due by the end of week 47 (5.00 pm Friday 21 November 2008). Two hard copies to be placed in my mail tray, level 4, NADA. From the start of the course you will have three weeks to choose a subject and write an initial abstract that consists of the following items in a 1-page single-spaced document.

Final Paper

Due on week 4, Friday 23rd January 2009, 17.00 One hard copy to be placed in my mail tray, level 4, NADA and one electronic copy (MS Word, .doc format or Unix .tex format) to be submitted electronically to (email account here). Electronic copies may be put through online plagiarism detection software if this is suspected.

The final paper will be basically a survey of your chosen subject, not a new research contribution. However, survey papers often have novel contribution in the way the author organizes or classifies papers.

For the purposes of this class, completeness of your survey is more important than originality. You will need to convince the course leader that you have researched your chosen subject thoroughly, and understand it well. Your final paper must be written so that it reflects your level of understanding and your command of the literature well. This will of course include a good set of references to literature, possibly including web site articles.

The final paper has to be originally written; plagiarism results in a failed assignment and disciplinary action.

The paper itself should be 7 pages double-spaced (4cm margins, Times style font size 12 or Arial/Tahoma style font size 10). You may exceed the page length to provide references separately, e.g. you might have 7 pages of text followed by 2 pages of references. In any case you should not have more than 9 pages.