Todds sabelhörna

På begäran har den eminenta "Jonas hobbysida" nu en underavdelning kallad "Todds sabelhörna", där, märkligt nog, information om sabelfäktning, från Todd, dyker upp.


Här finns en del länkar som inte längre fungerar, men då Jonas är lat har han bara lagt upp det Todd skickade. Eventuellt kommer kvalitetshöjande ändringar genomföras i framtiden.

"New Method of Fencing", c.1708, by Sir William Hope.

"The English Master of Defence OR, The Gentleman's Al-a-mode Accomplish By Zach Wylde, 1711".

Monsieur L'Abbat, 1734, "The Art of Fencing, or, the Use of the Small Sword" or here

The Art of Fencing, or, The Use of the Small Sword (Dublin: James Hoey, 1734) by Labat (translated to English)

Capt. John Godfrey, 1747, "A Treatise Upon the Useful Science of Defence, Connecting the Small and Back-Sword..." or here.

Domenico Angelo's 'l'Ecole d'Armes' of 1763, smallsword treatise.

Donald McBane's General Advice

L'Encyclopédie / Diderot et d'Alembert - Fabrique des armes. Angelo.

Hungarian & Highland Broad Sword, Henry Angelo, c.1790.

"ANTI-PUGILISM or The Science of Defense, Exemplified in Short and Easy Lessons for the Practice of the Broad Sword and Single Stick,
Illustrated with Copper Plates, By a Highland Officer", 1790

Schmidt- "Instruction pour la cavalerie, sur le maniement le plus avantageux du sabre", 1796.

"An Abridgement of the New Broad Sword Exercise", 2nd Edition, London, Printed for the Author W. Pepper of the Notts Yeomanry Cavalry, 1797.

Giuseppe Rosaroll-Scorza e Pietro Grisetti - La Scienza della Scherma - 1803.

Single Stick by Donald Walker, from 'Defensive Exercises', (1840).

"Manual del Baratero" (English translation - Navaja knife fighting), Spain, 1849.

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Richard F. Burton's 'A Complete System of Bayonet Exercise', London, 1853.

Baron de Bazancourt, "Les secrets de l'épée", 1862.

1864 Broadsword instruction.

"Principles of Squad Instruction for the Broadsword", by A.J.CORBESIER,
Sword-Master of the U.S. Naval Academy, ANNAPOLIS, MD. 1869

"A New System of Sword Exercise for Infantry", by Sir Richard Francis Burton. 1876.


Masaniello Parise - Trattato teorico-pratico della Scherma di Spada e Sciabola - 1884.

Alessandri- "L'escrime au sabre", 1888.

"Cold Steel- A Practical Treatise on the Sabre", Alfred Hutton 1889.

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Quarterstaff: "Broadsword and Singlestick - with Chapters on Quarter-staff, Bayonet, Cudgel, Shillalah, Walking Stick, Umbrella and other Weapons of Self Defence.", Allanson-Winn, R.G. and C. Phillipps-Wolley, London : George Bell & Sons. 1st edition, 1898.

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Wrestling from "Defensive Exercises", by Donald Walker, 1840.

"The Science of Self Defence - A Treatise on Sparring and Wrestling", by Edmund Price, 1867.

"The Inn- Play or Cornish -Hugg Wrestler",
by Sir Thomas Parkyns, of Bunny Baronet

"The Art & Practice of Boxing", Liverpool, 1825.

"The Whole Art of Norfolk Wrestling, With Rules and Orders Relating Therto, for the use of Landlords, &c. Where wrestling matches are held", By CHARLES LAYTON, THE CELEBRATED GAME CHICKEN, 1830's.

Mendoza's Treatise on Boxing -A few extracts.

Fewtrell's Science of Manual Defence.

Vill man framföra synpunkter på innehållet eller komma med förslag på annat som bör vara med går det bra att maila till Jonas, men det är sällan någon som faktiskt gör det (tre personer, hittills).