KTH SLAM Datasets

    Here is some data from KTH in Sweden.   This KTH data is  part of a larger SLAM data collection found  here .  The formating rules are given in  Data Format .   The data is taken from an autonoumous exploration with an ATRV robot from iRobot.  It is a loop around our lab building.  An accurate map of the building is included  and can be view in matlab with  the simple script provided.

I have included fused odometer and inertial data with an estimate of the incremental covariance to make it easier to use the data.   Purists can use the raw data of course but it will take longer.

You can just download all this here  data.tar.gz , or take a look  below to see what they look like first.

Background on the datasets



Available Sensors / Sensor Number

Crossbow inertial  11
Fused 13

 John Folkesson