Inline skating in the Netherlands


If you have any information that you feel should be on this page, please mail me about this. (And feel free to do so in Dutch. I am Dutch, having lived there the first 23 or so years of my life, and am fluent in Dutch.)

Oh, and before you might get any ideas, I do have a disclaimer, too, you know.


*  Introduction 
*  What's new
*  General information 
*  Specific information, like magazines, schools and clubs 
*  Speedskating, maintained by Aarnoud 
*  Buying skates 
*  Places to skate, such as ramps 
*  Places not to skate 
*  Skate happenings in the Netherlands 
*  Don't do this. 
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Again, this is only a very meagre bit of information right now. I know that, but I hope it will grow. You can actively contribute to that growth by sending me information on skating in the Netherlands.

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