Experimental Photo Gallery

The old demo room with two small windows into the computer room. Since we are about to move the CM to our new computer room this space is used for the somewhat unusual combination of storage and the console of an SGI Onyx.

The (now 16K) Connection Machine as seen through a window from the demo room.

The DataVault (also through a window from the outer room).

The CM as seen from inside the computer room. Part of the curved DataVault can be seen to the left. Since the CM would only be here temporarily before moving to the new computer room, we decided to leave all cables above the floor. That is (part of) the reason it looks so messy.

The CM frontends mowitz.pdc.kth.se (a Sun Sparcserver 690, the large cabinet) and on top of mowitz fredman.pdc.kth.se (a Sun Sparcstation2, the small boxes). The deskside box in front is nyx.nada.kth.se, an SGI Onyx VTX.

Assar Westerlund in a characteristic pose. Assar is primarily responsible for the wellbeing of the newly acquired IBM SP2.

Erik Wallin. Erik works on a system for massively parallel gene sequence matching in cooperation with the Center for Biotechnology in Huddinge.