Interesting links

Sites: PDC, NCSA, Cern, NASA, NASA Ames, NADA, Teleinformatik.

Kerberos & AFS: krb5 @ (Lenny Miceli), Derrick Brashears krb and AFS ptr collections. krb5 @ (John Studarus), ESNET docs

Languages: Scheme, The Scheme Underground, Tcl and Tk, Python, Self, Perl, Sather.

Software and stuff: NCSA Mosaic, Rayshade and RayShade Users Guide (courtesy of MIT CGS), FreeBSD, Some information about WWW Wanderers, Spiders and Robots. SGI FAQs. Mpeg: FAQ, Motif Player, Tech Info, movies. Perl. AFS and Kerberos references.

Interesting places: Wired Magazine, Global Network Navigator, Planet Earth, EINet Galaxy (a guide to world-wide information and services), the EXPO exhibition, PPC News Magazine, Stacken Computer Club, Lysator Computer Club, Best of the Web '94 Contest, Shakespeare.

Scientific Visualization etc: The Electronic Visualization Laboratory EVL at NCSA, Sci Viz at NASA, HDF FAQ, HDF src and docs, netCDF src and docs, netCDF Q&A, ANU ParVis Visualization Project, AHRPCRC Research, visualization at CTC. IBM Visualization Data Explorer.

Fun stuff: Doctor Fun's Garden of Mirthly Delights. CMUs game of Sokoban. Xerox PARC PubWeb Server and current Weather Maps and Movies (courtesy of MSU).

Other people: cwe, Assar,,
HPC Sites and stuff: PSC, SDSC, CSC. The SP User Group Web. Here is the list of HPC sites on the Web maintained by Southampton University. Here are similar lists from Caltech, CMU and Hensa.
Information and Search Engines: RFCs, dito searchable with WAIS and finally the RFCs somewhat hypertextified at Ohio State. Here is a collection of WWW Search Engine links at Sunet. The one I like most is Lycos.
On HTML: Here is a HTML guide, an HTML tutorial, an HTML Quick Reference, the WWW & HTML Developers JumpStation, some information about ISO Latin 1 entities in HTML and finally a pointer to WorldWideWeb Address Formats. Arena Home Page.

Other HTML stuff: Suggestion To the HTML Literate -Ryan Grant, W3 manuals available in printed form