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period 2 09/10


We have agreed that Ola will give two lectures on March 9 and March 16, produce one set of homeworks and this will be the end of the course.

Notes related to Ola's first lecture is below in the handouts.


Johan Håstad, is responsible for all aspects of this course. Ola Svensson, will help out by giving some lectures. Lectures will be given in English.


The preliminary overview of the course.

A short description of past lectures and some indication of what is to come in the next lectures.

The correct argument for the efficient version of Lovasz local lemma.

Notes for Ola's first lecture.

Course requirements

Course requirements is given by a set of small homeworks. If convenient and of mutual interest some other activities such as student lectures and/or taking of notes can give credit towards passing the course. Details of such arrangements are done case by case and should be discussed with Johan Håstad.


First set of problems which is due November 24.

Second set of problems which is due December 8.

Third set of problems which is due December 22.

Fourth set of problems which is due February 2.

Fifth set of problems which is due February 16.

Sixth set of problems which is due March 2.

Seventh set of problems which is due March 16.

Eighth set of problems which is due March 30.

Course material

The material of the course will be some lecture notes, some lectures notes for the course in 2005, and some material from the web.

Notes by Cenny and Karl on error correcting codes.


The lectures during fall, schedule for spring will be decided later.
 F tu 15-17 Nov 10   4523 
 F tu 15-17 Nov 17   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Nov 24   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Dec 1   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Dec 8   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Dec 15   4523 
 F tu 15-17 Jan 12   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Jan 19   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Jan 26   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Feb 2   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Feb 9   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Feb 16   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Feb 23   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Mar 2   1537 
 F tu 14-16 Mar 9   1537 
 F tu 15-17 Mar 16   1537 

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