Johan Håstad

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Email: My user name is johanh and this should be followed by the at sign and then
Phone:+46 8 790 62 89
Fax:+46 8 790 09 30
Address:Nada, KTH, SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
Visiting address:Osquars backe 2, floor 5, room 1521
Home address:Högstigen 16, 182 73 Stocksund, +46-8-755 2111
Cell phone:+46 70 565 5211

I am professor in computer science in the theoretical computer science group at CSC, the school of Computer Science and Communication at KTH.

The safest way to reach me is by email.


Fall of 2014, I am teaching Advanced Algorithms.

Professional activities

I am the chairman of the board of Stockholm Mathematics Center SMC. I am on the program committee for the conference Computational Complexity 2015.

I am an editor for the journals Theory of Computing, Computational Complexity, Random Structures and Algorithms and ACM Transactions on Computation Theory.

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