Vol.4 : Computational Turbulent Incompressible Flow

Flow Mystery Forum

is an open forum for discussion on famous scientific paradoxes or mysteries of mathematical modelling of fluid flow by the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations including

Flow Secret Forum

is an open forum for discussion on secrets of fluid dynamics including

Reception Forum

is an open forum for scientific debate of in particular the following articles related to the book:

  1. Resolution of d'Alembert's Paradox(accepted by Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics Sept 12 2008)
  2. Is the World a Clock with Finite Precision?
  3. On Transition to Turbulence in Parallel Shear Flow
  4. On the Uniqueness of Weak Solutions to Navier-Stokes Equations: Remarks on a Clay Institute Prize Problem
  5. Reformulation and resolution of the Clay Mathematics Institute fluid dynamics prize problem 2006
  6. Resolution of Scientific Paradoxes by Computation
  7. Computational Foundation of Thermodynamics
  8. Blowup of Incompressible Euler Solutions (Resolution of Clay's mystery: BIT Numerical Mathematics, Vol. 48(2), 2008)

which have been submitted to the following scientific journals/organizations

with the relevant article indicated. We include referee reports and communication with editors as material to a scientifc debate.

We also present the reception of the book:

This forum offers real life experience in real time of the techniques used by established scientific communities, identified by Thomas Kuhn in his famous The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, aimed at preventing the development of new ideas threatening established paradigms. But it also shows a growing acceptance of our work by publication in leading journals such as Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics and BIT Numerical Mathematics.

Referee reports and editor decisions are dynamically presented followed by comments by the authors. Editors and referees are urged to motivate their standpoints, and in particular refrain from simply staying silent. Progress in science requires open debate with participation of chief actors including leading scientists and editors/referees of leading scientific journals and writers of leading text books.

Note in particular the reaction of Journal of Fluid Mechanics and a group of editors on Wikipedia as concerns the the new resolution of d'Alembert's paradox, and of an influential group of pure mathematicians as concerns the closely related Clay Navier-Stokes problem.

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