Vol.4 : Computational Turbulent Incompressible Flow

Control of fluid mechanics on Wikipedia

A battle between the official classical resolution by Prandtl and the new resolution of d'Alembert's paradox is ongoing on Wikipedia. The battle can be followed through the different versions of the article d'Alembert's paradox and the related article Clay Navier-Stokes problemincluding talk pages. The contest concerns the very foundation of modern fluid mechanics and the new resolution demands a rewrite of text books.

The following different versions of the d'Alembert article:

  1. Original version August 15 2007
  2. Version by Hoffman with new resolution August 16 2007
  3. Version by Hoffman with new resolution July 2008
  4. Version still including ref. to new resolution Aug 11 2008
  5. Version cleansed from new resolution but still with criticism of official resolution Aug 15 2008
  6. Offical classical version without criticism takes over fully Aug 16 2008
  7. Official version opens to new resolution without ref to Hoffman-Johnson Aug 16 2008

illustrates the following key tactics used by a coordinated group of wiki editors:

  • consistent removal of criticism of official resolution by HJ
  • consistent removal of reference to new resolution by HJ
  • leading scientists subdued to wiki editors with unclear scientific merits
  • violation of the Neutral Point of View Principle NPOV of Wikipedia.

What is notable is that the version by Hoffman including ref. to new resolution lasted one year from August 16 2007 until August 15 2008, when the new resolution was deleted from the picture. The cleansing was made when the new resolution was published in refereed journals of high scientific standard (Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics and BIT Numerical Mathematics).

Observing that

  • Birkhoff's conjecture of instability of potential flow, which was killed by Stoker in 1951 as a representative of the fluid mechanics community, is shown by Hoffman-Johnson to be correct, as part of the new resolution,
  • the new resolution by HJ was killed in 2007 by the fluids mechanics community represented by Journal of Fluid Mechanics,
  • the last Official version August 16 2008 opens to the new resolution by reviving Birkhoff, without reference to HJ,

leads to the following questions:

  1. Is the fluid mechanics community sticking to the official resolution, suppressing the new resolution?
  • Is the fluid mechanics community converting to the new resolution by HJ, while seeking to eliminate HJ?

See also Conflict of interest/Noticebord.

Watch out for a presentation of the new resolution on Knol the contestor of Wikipedia.

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