School of
Computer Science
and Communication

Jens Lagergren

Telephone: +46 8-790 64 38
Address: Science for Life Laboratory, Box 1031, 17121 Solna, Sweden
Visiting address: Science for Life Laboratory, KISP (Karolinska Institutet Science Park), Tomtebodavagen 23A, 17165 Solna, Sweden (map with SciLifeLab Stockholm indicated)


I am a professor in computer science and computational biology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I am located at SciLifeLab Stockholm, a joint venture between the universities in Stockholm.

Recent publications:

Google Scholar page in order of publication

Current Projects

PhD positions

  • I currently have two open PhD position in Computational Cancer Genomics Biology and Machine Learning, with deadline February 15, 2018 (and there are in total 15 PhD positions announce in the EU funded Innovative Training Network, CONTRA, that I coordinate). For more information, in particular on how to apply, see description of my first project and description of my second project.

Current Courses

Ph.D. Students

  • Hazal Koptagel
  • Banhita Maitra


  • Seong-Hwan Jun
  • Olivier Bilenne
  • Ayan Chaudhury

Former Ph.D. Students

  • Lars Arvestad, SU
  • Lars Ivansson
  • Isaac Elias, Google
  • Orjan Svensson, KTH
  • Ali Tofigh, Google
  • Hossein Farahani, BCCRC
  • Joel Sjostrand
  • Owais Mahmudi
  • Ikram Ullah, KS
  • Auwn Sayyed, KTH

Former Post-docs

  • Ann-Charlotte Berglund
  • ojvind Johansson
  • Pekka Parviainen
  • Hanna Hardin

Service since 2008

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