A Pascal mode for emacs.

This pascal-mode has borrowed and changed a lot from the pascal-mode by Glen J. Ditchfield (gjditchfield@violet.uwaterloo.ca), some ideas come from the pascal-mode by Magnus Hyllander and Bjorn Gronvall (bjorng@nada.kth.se). Things have also been borrowed from the pascal-mode by Espen Skoglund (espensk@stud.cs.uit.no).

Pascal-mode can do the following: Indent Pascal code correctly. The indentation style can be changed. Movement, marking and deletion by procedure, sentence and expression. Templates for insertion of all syntactic constructs. Some further commands. See the documentation string for `pascal-mode'. These are the files: A short description of the Pascal mode.
pasc-mode.el.gz (30K) the basic Pascal mode.
The change log still in old format.

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