Frank Hoffmann
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Frank Hoffmann
Center for Autonomous Systems CVAP
Numerical Analysis and Computing Science
Royal Institute of Technology
S-10044 Stockholm
phone: +46-8-790-6271
fax: +46-8-723-0302


  • CIRA'2003 IEEE International Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Robotics and Automation, July 16th-20th 2003, Kobe, Japan
  • IDA 2003 5th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis, Berlin, Germany, August 28-30th, 2003
  • WSC 7 7th Online World Conference on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications, Sep 23rd-Oct 4th 2002, Granada, Spain
  • RASC 2002 Recent Advance in Soft Computing, 12 & 13 December 2002, Nottingham, UK
  • HIS'02 Second International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Dec 1st-4th 2002, Santiago, Chile
  • CFP Special Issue on Application Reviews , Journal of Applied Soft Computing ASOC


2D1431 Machine Learning, Fall 2002
2D1432 Neural Networks and Other Learning Systems, Spring 2002
2D1359 & 2D1360Object Oriented Modeling, Programming and Analysis, Fall 2001
2D1358Object Oriented Program Construction using C++, Spring 2001
2D5362 Machine Learning, fall 2000
CS294-6: "Soft Computing in Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery" , Fall 1999
together with Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh and Michael Berthold  
Evolutionary Algorithm Lecture, as part of CS-294 Fall, 1998
(external) Sommer-school on Genetic Fuzzy Systems and Autonomous Agents University of Halle, Germany, September, 1998
(external) Short Course on Genetic Fuzzy Systems University of Granada, Spain. May 5-6th, 1999 
(external) CDC workshop on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Coordination, Sensing and Control Phoenix, Arizona, December 6th, 1999  
(external) Intelligent Data Analysis summer school, Palermo, Italy, March 26th-30th, 2001  



Research Interests

My research is focused on evolutionary algorithms for the automatic design of fuzzy logic controllers. I am further interested in autonomous agents and adaptive behavior in complex environments. I developed a learning method for fuzzy controllers using messy genetic algorithms. The design method evolves an obstacle avoidance and goal point reaching behavior for a mobile robot. I received my Ph.D. in physics at the Institute of Applied Physics at the University of Kiel. Currently I was working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Computer Science Division at the University of California, Berkeley. I was administrator of the Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC) directed by Prof. Lotfi Zadeh. I worked on flight mode switching and fuzzy controller design for autonomous small size helicopters.  My current research interests are dynamical systems approach to behavior based robotics, UAV-UGV cooperation, probabilistic map building, path planning with evolution strategies and intelligent data analysis. I was a senior researcher in the Berkeley Aerobot (BEAR) project which is concerned with the control design for an autonomous aerial robot, hybrid control schemes, vision based landing and UAV-UGV cooperation. I am currently involved in the Intelligent Service Robot project.

Academic Biography

1991: Degree in physics
University of Kiel, Institute of Theoretical Physics
title: 'Zeitreihenanalyse mit endlichen Automaten und Hidden-Markov-Modellen'
(Time Series Analysis using Finite Automata and Hidden Markov Models)
Research Advisor: Professor H. G. Schuster
1996: Ph.D. in physics
University of Kiel, Institute of Applied Physics
title: 'Automatischer Entwurf von Fuzzy Reglern mit Genetischen Algorithmen'
(Automatic Design of fuzzy controllers by means of genetic algorithms)
Research Advisor: Professor G. Pfister
since 1996-2000: postdoctoral researcher
University of California, Berkeley , Computer Science Division
subjects: Soft Computing, hybrid intelligent systems, fuzzy control, genetic algorithms
Research Advisors: Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh, Prof. Shankar S. Sastry
since 2000: lecturer
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm , Center for Autonomous Systems
subjects: dynamical systems approach to behavior based robotics, boosting genetic fuzzy systems, learning from demonstration

Professional and Teaching Experience

I taught as a freelance lecturer from 1988-1996 in adult education for the 
Datenzentrale Schleswig Holstein
Hessische Zentrale fuer Datenverarbeitung 
Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig Holstein

 My courses covered the following topics :

operating systems (UNIX)
programming languages (C, C++, Pascal) 
database management systems (Access, dBase)
spreadsheets (Excel)




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Book Chapters

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Links to Evolutionary Algorithms

Genetic Programming Notebook or alternative server
Hitchhiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation
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Pictures :

Hiking in Yosemite
Channel Islands (Spring Break 97)
I-House Alumni coed soccer team
Sunday Supper 98
Housemates at 1030 Cragmont
San Francisco Nightlife
Skiing in Tahoe
Granada, Spring 99
Women Soccer World Cup, Semi-final Brazil-U.S.A., Summer 99
Vancouver, Seattle, Oregon, Summer 98
New Years Eve 98/99 at Kiel
Spring break 99, Death Valley motor-cycle trip


International House :

Here is a story about an old man looking back at his life at I-House written by my friend Erling Roed Larsen. This essay was awarded with the first prize of Nishkian Essay contest at I-House in 1997.
A Resident Crosses His Tracks
Get to know some of my friends...
Carlo Cloet
Erling Roed Larsen

My private interests:

Sailing at the Cal Sailing Club , in the San Francisco Bay or at the Hohwachter Yacht Club in the Baltic Sea
Old cars, I own a Karmann Ghia build in 1972 which I renovated with the help of a friend mine. In California I drive a beetle convertible build in 1978.
Karmann Ghia
Beetle Convertible
Squash and soccer
Cooking, Italian, Chinese cuisine
Books ,movies and songs
TOR (Bundesliga-Manager) a game on the internet, where you have to manage a virtual soccer team based on real players from the German Bundesliga. My team is the FC Schienbeinbruch playing in the 1. Bundesliga My favorite team in real soccer is the FC St.Pauli von 1910 e.V.


My favorite books:
Hotel New Hampshire (John Irving)
Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy (Douglas Adams)
Catcher in the rye (J.D. Salinger)
The discovery of heaven (Harry Mulisch)
Smilla's sense of snow (Peter Hoeg)
Skinny Legs and All (Tom Robbins)
Homo Faber (Max Frisch)
Possession (A.S. Byatt)
The Moor's Last Sigh (Salman Rushdie)
Western Swing (Tim Sandlin)
Goedel, Escher, Bach (Douglas Hofstadter)
The English Patient (Michael Ondaatje)


My favorite movies:
Once upon a time in the west (Sergio Leone)
Out of Africa (Sidney Pollack)
The House of Spirits (Bille August)
The English Patient
Room with a View (James Ivory)
Last Days in Kenia
Heaven's Gate
Peter's Friends
Apocalyse Now (Francis Ford Coppola)
Hillary and Jackie
Before Sunrise


My favorite songs:
Il me dit que je suis belle (Patricia Kaas)
Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
True Colors (Cindy Lauper)
Through the Barricades (Spandau Ballet)
Norwegian Wood (Beatles)
Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones)
Street Fighting Years (Simple Minds)
Woelfe (Peter Maffay)
Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan)
One (U2)
Possession (Sarah McLachlan)


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