Henrik I. Christensen

Henrik I. Christensen is a chaired professor of computer science specialising in autonomous systems, with the School of Computer Science and Communication. I have been (1996-2006) the founding director of the Center for Autonomous Systems at KTH. From January 2007 my primary affiliation is no longer with KTH. I am now the Kuka Chair of Robotics/Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Robotics and Intelligent Machines at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.

I still have a 5% affiliation with KTH while my graduate students complete their studies and related EU projects are completed.

I also serve on the board of trustees of the STINT foundation.

Contact details

Prof. H. I. Christensen
Georgia Tech
Atlanta, GA 30332

Phone +1 404 385 7480
Cell +1 404 889 2500
Secr +46 8 790 6727
Email hic@cc.gatech.edu

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