Human Machine Collaborative Systems


The goal of the Human-Machine Collaborative Systems (HMCS) project is to investigate human-machine cooperative execution of small scale, tool-based manipulation activities. The basic principles of HMCS apply to many fine scale tasks such as microsurgery, opto-electronic assembly, assembling for microelectromechanical (MEMS) systems and cell manipulation. The motivation for collaborative systems is based on evidence suggesting that humans operating in collaboration with robotic mechanisms can take advantage of robotic speed and precision, but avoid the difficulties of full autonomy by retaining the human component ``in-the-loop'' for essential decision making and/or physical guidance.

Our approach to HMCS focuses on three inter-related problems: (1) Synthesis: the development of systems tools necessary for describing implementing an HMCS; (2) Modeling: given sensor traces of a human performing a task, segmenting those traces into logical task components and/or measuring the compatibility of a given HMCS structure to that sequence of components; and (3) Validation: measuring HMCS performance.



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