Digital Literature

A research program at ILU, Uppsala University
and KTH, Stockholm

At KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) the work is undertaken at  IPLab (Interaction and Presentation Laboratory) and CID (Centre for User Oriented IT-Design), Nada (Department of Numerical Analysis and Computing Science).

The aim is to develop methods and tools for the encoding, management, and distribution of texts (mainly in the humanities) in accordance with relevant international standards as SGML, XML, HyTime, DSSSL etc.


A short introduction to SGML (in Swedish)

 SGML tools (in Swedish; including instructions on how to download and install DTD:s, SGML browsers and a SGML editor, as well as SGML documents with stylesheets and navigators, i.a. material following the TEI and EAD DTD:s.)
Here you find, i.a., "Installation av SGML-editor för Windows95/NT" and " Kort guide för användning av Emacs och dess PSGML-mode",

SGML documents



Useful links to text archives

Useful links to information on SGML


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