Olle Bälter

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Associate professor in Human-Computer Interaction and Assistant Vice Dean of Education at CSC, KTH.

The fastest way to reach Olle is to send an email to balter at kth.se. If you cannot send email, please call the switchboard at KTH +46 8 790 6000 and ask them to do that. The last resort is to call +46 8-790 6341.

Most of the non copyrighted papers and reports are available from the offical HCI group home page. Some demos can be found here.

Technology Enhanced Learning

Autumn 2008 Olle spent at Williams College as a STINT Fellow. This also resulted in a switch in research area to Technology Enhanced Learning .

Email research

Olle Bälter graduated in December 1998 with the thesis Electronic Mail in a Working Context (PDF-version). The thesis describes email from a user perspective with both problems and solutions. If you are interested in a printed version of the thesis, please send an email. The thesis has become very popular in Swedish media and Olle has been interviewed to boredom by newspapers, magazines, TV and radio.

During spring 2002 a popular version of the thesis named "E-post-eposet" (the title is funny in Swedish) was published in Swedish by the now retired publisher Today Press. The book contains advice on how to improve your email situation. A revised version was published by Studentlitteratur in 2012.

During 1999 Olle was a guest researcher at Lotus Development in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At Lotus, Olle studied above all how to solve the problem with too many incoming messages. What should you do when you do not have the time to read all messages?


An Europeean Union project to build a KATTIS resembling support for automatic evaluation of for example math and programmering problems.

Data collection for research purposes

Since 2000 Olle has been investigating new methods for data collection in medical research, treatment and prevention at the Department for Medical Epidemiology at Karolinska Institutet. The interest was focused on how to collect data from web surveys and the problems large questionnaires cause when they contain for example more than 500 questions. This research resulted in 2010 in the foundation of the company Epiqcenter AB.

Helping deaf to speak (ARTUR)

Artur can speak for himself.


A formal CV exist.

My hobbies are beachvolleyboll, floorball, catamaran sailing, student theatre and travelling.

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