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Anders Sjöqvist

The work on my homepage is not my top priority at the moment. I use it mostly for testing and learning different techniques. You will find more about this below.

You can contact me at ante-at-kth-dot-se.

About me

Welcome to my homepage! I am 26 years old, living in Stockholm, Sweden. I study the Master of Science program in Engineering Physics (major in Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science) at the Royal Institute of Technology and the Master of Science program in Economics and Business (major in Management) at the Stockholm School of Economics. During the summers of 2006 and 2007, I worked as a developer at Itello AB. I will spend the spring of 2008 at the School of Management, St. Petersburg State University.

I am also running my own programming company.


I am or have been a teacher or assistant in the following courses:

Programming contests

TopCoder™ Rated Member

KTH frequently arranges and participates in programming contests. I have attended some of these. The team composition has varied between the contests, but you will find the team rosters on most homepages. Most of the time, the team should have three members. I have participated in these major contests:

The Swedish Championship in Programming, in Stockholm, Sweden (my first contest – I competed alone and placed 16th out of 74, and qualified for NWERC)
Northwestern Europe Regional Contest, in Lund, Sweden (we placed 34th out of 42)
Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest, in Stockholm, Sweden (we placed 29th out of 90, and qualified for NWERC)
Northwestern European Regional Contest, in Stockholm, Sweden (we placed 15th out of 46)
BUTE 6th International 24-hour Programming Contest, in Budapest, Hungary (we placed 23rd out of 30)
Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest, ni Stockholm, Sweden (we placed 3rd out of 87, and qualified for NWERC)
Northwestern European Regional Contest, in Stockholm, Sweden (we placed 3rd out of 42 and received bronze medals)
Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest, in Stockholm, Sweden (we placed 10th out of 129, and qualified for NWERC)
Northwestern European Programming Contest, in Utrecht, the Nederlands – have not yet taken place

About this page

In these pages, I have used techniques like XHTML, CSS and PHP. XHTML is going to replace HTML, but for now it is still possible to write pages compatible with both standards.

CSS is a standard for saving web page colors, fonts and so on. By putting this information in a single file, you get a completely clean XHTML-page that can use any CSS. By editing that single file, you can change the appearance of several web pages, or have a series of different possible appearances to choose from for the same web site. (You can switch the CSS that this page uses by clicking the appearance links. By Swedish law, I am required to tell you that this is done using a session cookie. The cookie will keep track of the appearance you have chosen by saving this information in your own computer, so that you do not need to change the appearance manually for every page you enter. This is, however, what you will have to do if your browser does not accept cookies. A session cookie is saved only temporarily and will be removed when you close the browser. You can choose to not accept cookies in the browser settings. In this page, though, you just have to keep from clicking the appearance links.) A well made combination of XHTML and CSS will also make the page more easily accessible for people with disabilities. If you want to see an example of what you can do with a CSS you should visit css Zen Garden.

I use PHP for a number of things. One of the uses that helps most is that it will include the section with links between the different pages, which is actually placed in it's own file, and common for all the pages. With PHP code it senses which page it has been included into, and can in this way make small changes, like the color of the link to the present page.

The front page attempts to automatically detect which language you prefer. For the moment, the only languages available are English and Swedish, and this only applies to the front page. All the other pages are in English. It is possible to override the automatic detection, to view the page in Swedish even if your web browser is not set to prefer Swedish.