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Anna-Karin Tornberg

Professor of Numerical Analysis

Telephone: +46 8 790 62 66,
Address: Math/NA, SCI, KTH, S-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden.
Visiting address: Lindstedtsvägen 23, room 3534.

Openings for Postdocs

I am looking for at least one postdoc, to start in Jan 2015 (starting date can be discussed). You need to have your PhD from a foreign (= non-Swedish) university to apply.
The research project will be focused towards development of numerical methods primarily for applications within micro-fluidics (fluid dynamics at the micro scale). The algorithms will to a large extent be based on integral equations, and the project will span over theory, algorithms, software and applications. Prior knowledge of numerical methods based on integral equations, as well as fast methods such as e.g. the fast multipole method is of course valuable, but not a requirement.
The ads can be found at in English / and in Swedish. They are also linked to from these pages: Vacancies / Lediga jobb.


Fall 2014:
I will teach a masters level course "Mathematical Models, Analysis and Simulation" (DN2266).
Information about the course can be found from last fall's homepage here. This years homepage will be on KTH Social.

I will also teach a course in basic numerical methods, a new course for the program in design and product realisation (the P-program).
The course number is SF1522 and the homepage can be found on KTH Social.

Master Thesis project

The dynamics of flexible fibers are very intriguing. As they are compressed, for example in a shear flow, they store elastic energy, that they later can release to the fluid, leading to a strong non-Newtonian behavior of a fluid-fiber suspension. I have developed an algorithm to simulate such fibers, based on a boundary integral method. In this project, we want to consider the case where the resting state of the fiber is not straight, but rather some other shape, like helical (think DNA!). GET IN TOUCH! to discuss this project, or other possibilities!

Research Interests

Numerical algorithms for solving PDEs in dynamic geometries, with the main application to multiphase flows. Boundary integral methods, including slender body theory, quadrature methods and fast summation methods needed to accelerate the simulations. Interface tracking methods, including surface representation for dynamic interfaces, the development of algorithms for PDEs on these interfaces and the analysis and improvement of associated regularization techniques.

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    I am currently supervising the following PhD students:
    Ludvig af Klinteberg
    Davoud Saffar Shamshirgar

    My former PhD students:
    Oana Marin , PhD, KTH 2012.
    Dag Lindbo , PhD, KTH 2011.
    Shilpa Khatri , PhD, NYU 2009.

    My former postdocs: Alex Kanevsky, NYU
    Stefan Engblom, KTH, 2009-2010.
    Rikard Ojala, KTH. 2012-2014.

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    I am active within the focus area Micro and Complex flows of the Linne FLOW Centre at KTH. This working group is joining researchers at KTH performing theoretical, numerical and experimental work within this exciting field. Our research strategy can be found here .

    SeRC logo

    I am active within the Swedish e-Science Research Center (SeRC) through the core community in Numerical Analysis. In the fall 2012, we are initiating a new project in collaboration with the Molecular Simulation community. The project concerns fast methods for electrostatic calculation in molecular dynamic simulations.

    Education and background

    PhD in Numerical Analysis, KTH (2000).
    Postdoc (forskarassistent), NADA, KTH (2000-2001).
    Postdoc, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University (NYU) (2001-2003).
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU (2003).
    Promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at Courant Institute (2007).
    Docent in Numerical Analysis at KTH (2007).
    Full professor in Numerical Analysis at KTH (2012).


    Göran Gustafsson Prize in Mathematics, 2014.
    The Göran Gustafsson prize is given out annually within five subject fields. The first women to receive the prize in Mathematics.
    Press relaease from KVA . For the full list of recipients, click here .

    Elected member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, class of Mathematics, Dec. 2010.
    The academy have approximately 420 Swedish and 175 foreign members, divided into ten scientific disciplines, called classes. See .
    Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, 2006.
    "The Sloan awards are intended to enhance the careers of the very best young faculty members in specified fields of science within North America".
    Research fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA), June 2005.
    "Awards given to exceptional ly gifted researches to carry out their research in Sweden".
    Carl-Axel Fröberg prize, 2004.
    Awarded by the journal BIT Numerical Mathematics, for the paper: Multi-Dimensional Quadrature of Singular and Discontinuous Functions. (42:644-669, 2002).
    Leslie Fox First Prize in Numerical Analysis, 2001.
    This award is an international prize given annually to a young numerical analyst.
    Werthen fellowship, 2001.
    A Swedish prize awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).
    President's fellowship (excellenstjänst) awarded at KTH (1997-2000).
    Awarded to students with "an excellent record and strong potential for PhD studies".


    Chair of the department of Numerical Analysis.
    Associate editor for Journal of Computational Physics
    Associate editor for BIT Numerical Mathematics
    Board member of Institute Mittag-Leffler
    Board member of the Linne FLOW Centre at KTH.
    Member of, "Nationalkommittén för matematik"
    Editor, Mathematics in Industry book series , Springer Verlag.

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