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Aspects of learning and memory

A graduate course within the Centre for Information Technology and Cognitive Science

This is a new graduate course that treats different aspects of human learning and memory and related processes, including

  • Molecular, cellular, and network aspects
  • Neurobiological and neuropsychological aspects
  • Social and motivational aspects
  • Educational aspects

    One purpose of this couse is to demonstrate how neuroscientific, psychological and social perspectives complement each other in providing a basis for our understanding of important aspects of human brain function. Communication and interaction between different disciplines, multi-disciplinary theoretical work etc., are fundamental components in this endeavour.

    This course is intended to provide a solid basis for research within the cognitive sciences as well as for engineering work in which cognitive aspects are essential, e.g. in human-machine interaction.

    The course comprises about 20 lectures, two each week, by active teachers/researchers. It gives 5 credit points in the graduate program.


    Christian Balkenius, LU/Filosofi (CB)
    Lennart Brodin, KI/Neurovetenskap (LB)
    Carl­Gustaf Jansson, SU/DSV (CGJ)
    Anders Lansner, KTH/NADA (AL)
    Henry Montgomery, SU/Psykologi (HM)
    Lars­Göran Nilsson SU/Psykologi (LGN)
    Lars Nyberg, UmU/Psykologi (LN)
    Lars Rabenius, SU/Psykologi (LR)
    Robert Ramberg, SU/DSV (RR)
    Per Roland KI/Neurovetenskap (PR)
    Sverker Sikström, UmU/Psykologi (SS)

  • Invited lecturers
    Endel Tulving (ET), Joaquin Fuster (JF)
    Pierre Dillenbourg (PD), Roger Säljö (RS)
    Erik de Corte (EdC)

    Course schedule

    Start: Monday Nov. 11 at 10.15 am, KTH/NADA:s seminarierum 4523, Lindstedtsv. 3, plan 5.

    Preliminary schedule

    Course literature

    Elective two of


    March 4 1997; Test questions on 2/4 selected books (v 10) and essay on a subject from 2/4 selected course books (before May 31 1997).


    It is not mandatory but helps planning if you register your interest to follow this course to Anders Lansner (see below).

    Course planning

    Carl­Gustaf Jansson (calle@dsv.su.se), Anders Lansner (ala@nada.kth.se), Henry Montgomery (hmy@psychmax.psychology.su.se)

    Anders Lansner, NADA, ala@nada.kth.se. tel. 790 6210