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Anders Lansner

Professor at Department of Computational Biology at KTH/CSC
<ala at kth dot se>
Phone: 08-790 62 10, fax: 08-790 09 30
Address: KTH/CSC/CB, S-100 44 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Visitors address: Roslagstullsbacken 35, rum 163:008
Student reception: On request


My special research fields are computational neuroscience and brain-like computing. I do project management, research, and graduate education and supervision.

My CNS2011 keynote presentation.

My CV.


I also do undergraduate education. I am involved in
I take part in the new international masters program in Computational and Systems Biology.

Article about SANS in Ny Teknik here (in Swedish).

SANS in 2 pages (in Swedish).

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