Comic Con/Gamex

After some struggles with setting up our environment and some heroic last-minute hacking, we finally delivered. To make a perfect summation of Padawan101 at Comic Con/Gamex, we quote one of visitors:

"An amazing lightsaber experience, but why am I outside of my body? And why are there so many balls shooting at me!? HAHAHAH".
All in all we are very happy with how it turned out. We took the opportunity to find out more about some of the other projects at the fair as well. There were a lot of nice things to look at which made us all very inspired. If you paid our booth a visit at Comic Con/Gamex, we would like to thank you for trying our project out and we really hope you enjoyed it.

A glimpse of Kinect stuff

Kinect AGI 15 part 1 from Viktor Leandersson on Vimeo.

Kinect AGI 15 part 2 from Viktor Leandersson on Vimeo.

Kinect Motion AGI part 3 from Viktor Leandersson on Vimeo.

Weekly meeting for week 42

Today we went on an adventure! We had the meeting at Antons place in Gröndal, but in order to get there we had to get past some obstacles. First of all we had to get on the right train and also get of at the right station. That might seem easy. But when you are three AGI-students playing with eachothers mobilephones it is quite easy to miss your stop. But we made it!

We grabbed som pizza, played some blues and talked through what everyone had done and what we were going to do next. It seems as if we are getting closer and closer to our goals for Comic Con Gamex but it is still quite a few parts that we will have to fix in order to get an awesome demo working. But we will get there!


Most of us gathered in the VIC Studio to work today. We had, what we would like to call it, an afternoon hackathon. We got a lot of work done! Robin and Anton worked with the networking and input handling, Prasanth worked with the CG models and Stefan worked with the mobile input for the lightsaber. Viktor was not able to make it but have worked with the Kinect from home.

Weekly Meeting for week 41

This week we talked about what everyone has done since last time. The biggest change is that we scrapped the idea with the TI Sensors and are now working with mobile phones instead. We will use the gyro and accelerometer that are embedded in them. It is not long until Comic Con Gamex so we have started to look into how we could promote ourselves at the fair. But more on that later.

Our last meeting since ForskarFredag

Today we had our first meeting since ForskarFredag. Everyone has taken a break and we are now back on track! We discussed what changes we are going to make and what we want to improve. We will not be working with the Leap motion any longer, we want to make our own controller using TI Sensors and a Microsoft Kinect instead. We think that it will give the player more freedom to move around. We will also change the gameplay and make more advanced graphics.


We had a wonderful day at ForskarFredag! A lot of kids (and scientists) came and tested our demo and they gave us a lot of feedback. They thought the demo was fun but the way of interaction that we used was not optimal for a lightsaber simulator. That is something we will look into before Comic Con Gamex where we will have an even better demo.

We also went around to the other displays to see what students from other universities were displaying and we found a group from Karolinska Institutet that were working with biofeedback. That was amazing and we think it might be cool to implement that into our product. After returning all the equipment to VIC studio the whole group went out to grab some dinner together.

Invading ForskarFredag

We hope you are as psyched as we are for tomorrow!!! Today we got to install our demo at the venue for ForskarFredag and it looked really cool. Sure, our demo did not work, but that is not something that a long night of coding will not fix. We will have it up and running in the morning when the first visitors come, no problem!


A viable demo for ForskarFredag

It's been a while since we posted something. We have had to change the wiimote to having LeapMotion input since we don't have as smooth input as we like to with the wiimote yet. Hopefully it is better for us to scale down our expectations and just try to get everything together.

Hello World Demo!

Today we held a hello world demo for the rest of our class. We sort of got stuff working. What we could show was some shaky input from a wiimote running inside Unity, as well as a model of a lightsaber. All in all were sort of pleased with what we had to show.

Hackathon 001

Started working on lightsaber model and Wiimote input.

Brainstorm meeting

During this meeting we figured out the general idea of what we wanted to do. A game where you use some kind of input device (wiimote?) to control a lightsaber in a vr / ar world. We imagine the scene where Luke fights against a ball which shoots small lasers at him. Some parts of our group don’t want to miscredit the dark side, so we ended up discussing questions like: What about giving some kind of feedback to the user in the form of electric shocks?

The galaxy is formed

At the same time as the galaxy was formed, a group of five young humans decided upon bringing a proper lightsaber simulation to Earth.