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KTH / NADA / Education / Quality work

Ouality work

NADA has ambitions to give high quality education that prepares the students for their coming work tasks. We have organized work to achieve high quality education. In this work we often involve the students.

Educational group

The educational group works with major questions concerning all undergraduate education at Nada. This includes educational policy, course development, major administrative questions etc. The group includes the head of NADA, representatives for directors of studies, teachers and students. The group meets about once a month during the semesters.

Course analyses

For each course a course analysis is made. It contains

  • facts about the course such as name, teacher, number of students, when it was given, number of lectures, text books
  • figures showing the number and percentage of students who passed the different parts of the course (examination, lab work etc.) as well as the course as a whole
  • information on changes made since last time
  • a discussion on what worked out well and what did not work out well during the course
  • questions and answers from a student questionaire usually administered on the web
  • a discussions on what changes are necessary and desirable for next time

The teacher is responsible for the course analysis. It is presented on the course page on the web.

The course analyses are then discussed in teacher groups.

Pedagogic development

NADA teachers are much engaged in pedagogic development at KTH, for the different programs, in cooperation with other departments and within NADA. Pioneering work has e.g. been done in changing the forms of examination from strictly written exams in a lecture hall to other forms more suitable for the subject (lab work, reports, seminars etc.).

Teacher of the year

Students at KTH and at the different programs select the teacher of the year. Often NADA teachers have been selected. In 2002 Ninni Carlsund Levin was selected the teacher of the year at KTH.

Pedagogic prizes

At NADA there are pedagogic prizes that are given out each year in order to reward and point out good teaching work.


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