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Education at NADA

NADA gives courses in Numerical analysis, Computer science, Human-computer interaction (including human communication), and Media technology and production in the graphics industry. Courses range from basic university level to PhD level.

Most of the NADA courses are for the Master of Science programs at KTH and for the program in Mathematics-Computer science at Stockholm University, SU. These are comprehensive programs of 4-4,5 years of study, administered by KTH and SU. But we also give many courses for the bachelor's program in Media technology at KTH. NADA also offers three master's programs for students with a bachelor's degree, and one of these is an international Master's program in scientific computing.

Altogether close to 140 different courses are offered each year with close to 9000 attending students.


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Read more about how to apply for courses at NADA.

KTH has a large number of exchange students on different exchange programs. Many of these take courses at NADA.

The programs are rounded off by a Master's project requiring about five months' work. About 150 students at KTH and SU complete their Master's project at NADA annually and about half of the reports are written in English. Most projects are carried out in industry but an increasing number is carried out in connection to research projects at NADA. All students are supervised by our teachers.

The language of tuition is Swedish, but most text books are in English and number of courses are given in English.

Most teachers put extensive information about their courses on the web, but this information is generally only in Swedish. You will find this information linked from the course lists.

The formal course descriptions (studiehandbokstext) for all KTH courses at Nada are available both in Swedish and in English even if the course is given in Swedish.


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