To find courses given in english, go to the Study handbook at

*In the grey box, click on "Show search options"
*Select the term of interest to you (or select "All")
*Click in "Only show courses taught in English"
*Now, in the field above "Part of course name or code" type e.g. "DD2"
to find all courses in computer science on advanced level. Repeat for 
courses in other subjects.

List of course code abbreviations:
HL1 medical engineering
HL2 medical engineering
SK2 physics, biological physics
SH2 physics, medical radiation physics
IC1 cognitive psychology
DD2 computer science, computational biology
DN2 numerical analysis
DT2 speech technology
SD2 biomechanics
EN2 electrical engineering
EK2 electrical engineering
EL2 control theory
EQ2 signal theory
IH1 semiconductor engineering
IH2 semiconductor engineering
SF1 optimization
MH2 materials
BB2 biochemistry
KF2 biopolymers
IC1 computer science, IT
IV1 computer science, IT
ID2 computer science, IT