Johan RisÚn

External retrofitting of autonomic capabilities onto an enterprise application


I have done my master thesis project on autonomic computing at Amadeus, a major provider of online travel booking systems. Autonomic computing is an effort to decrease the cost of owning an IT infrastructure through self-management of systems. The approach is to develop an infrastructure for an external autonomic manager which can interact with legacy systems. This infrastructure is implemented and applied to a database cache in an effort to decrease the need of manual configuration and optimization. External adaptation has several advantages over integrated adaptation on the cache, mainly due to the clustered deployment of the cache. Using several different approaches the need for human administration was decreased slightly, mainly through recommendation of queries to cache. Performance was insignificantly improved on current traffic. However, if traffic changes due to localization or application updates the autonomic manager can be used to provide additional dependability and perform immediate optimization without the need of human interaction.