Master's thesis presentations in Computer Science 2017

Monday September 11 at 15.15 in room 4523, Lindstedtsvägen 5

Purmonen, Sami
Predicting Game Level Difficulty Using Deep Neural Networks.   Sammanfattning   Abstract   Thesis
Subject: Computer Science    Program: CDATE    Course: DA222X
Supervisor: Karl Meinke
Examiner: Olov Engwall
Opponent: Hiroyuki Vincent Yamazaki  (DA222X, examiner Örjan Ekeberg)

Stamp, Alexander
The relationship between weather forecasts and observations for predicting electricity output from wind turbines.  
Abstract   Thesis
Subject: Computer Science    Program: TSCRM    Course: DA223X
Supervisor: Pawel Herman
Examiner: Olov Engwall
Opponent: Andreas Forstén  (DA222X, examiner Mårten Björkman)

Session chair is Olov Engwall

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