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Courses in English

In most of the courses given by NADA the language of tuition is Swedish. Experience has shown that it is a clear disadvantage for the majority of Swedish students if a Swedish teacher lectures in English. The quality of the tuition and of the dialog between students and teacher is lowered. In some courses we have foreign teachers who lecture in English. For the courses within the international master programs all tuition and all written material is in English.

Exchange students who come to another country to study are supposed to learn the language and the culture of that country as part of their experience.

In practically all of our elective courses we use text books written in English. Course material in the form of handouts, lab instructions etc. may be in English or Swedish. Some teachers use slides in English when they lecture. If you do not understand Swedish, please contact the teacher of each course that you plan to take well ahead of course start. This will make any adjustments necessary easier. Even if the lab assignments are in Swedish, the labs can normally be carried out and examined in English. Most teachers will be willing to accept reports, examinations etc. done by exchange students in English. But discuss such matters with the teacher in advance. In many courses lab work is done in pairs. It is then usually a good idea for an exchange student to try to find a Swedish student to work with.

If you plan to make a master's project please see our instructions

Below is a list of courses for the year 2004/2005 where the lectures will be in English.

Numerical Analysis

2D1225 Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations I

2D1251 Applied Numerical Methods III

2D1252 Numerical Algebra (Swedish or English)

2D1253 Numerical Algebra, Methods for Large Matrices (Swedish or English)

2D1255 Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations II

2D1257 Visualization

2D1258 Introduction to High Performance Computing

2D1260 The Finite Element Method

2D1263 Object Oriented Program Construction for Scientific Computing

2D1266 Mathematical Models, Analysis and Simulation I

2D1269 Mathematical Models, Analysis and Simulation II (only given every second year; given in 2005/2006)

2D1274 Computational Electromagnetics (only given every second year; given in 2004/2005)

2D1285 Numerical Algorithms for Parallel Computers (only given every second year; given in 2004/2005)

2D1290 Advanced Numerical Analysis

2D1297 Advanced Individual Course in Scientific Computing

Computer Science

2D1381 Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence

2D1455 Theoretical Foundations of Object-Orientation

2D1456 Advanced Functional Programming

2D1464 Bigger Advanced, Individual Course in Computer Science

2D1465 Advanced, Individual Course in Computer Science

Human-Computer Interaction

2D1466 Advanced, Individual Course in Human-Computer Interaction

Media Technology

No courses are given in English



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