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Doktorsavhandlingar på Nada 2000-2002

2002-12-20 Lars Rasmusson, TCS-gruppen
Network capacity sharing with QoS as a financial derivative pricing problem: algorithms and network design
2002-12-09 Jonas Holmerin, TCS-gruppen
On Probabilistic Proof Systems and Hardness of Approximation
2002-10-11 Raul Tempone Olariaga, NA-gruppen
Numerical Complexity Analysis of Weak Approximation of Stochastic Differential Equations.
2002-08-30 Christer Andersson, NA-Gruppen
Phase-field Simulation of Dendritic Solidification
2002-06-14 Mårten Björkman, CVAP
Real Time Motion and Stereo Cues for Active Visual Observers
2002-06-13 Marco Zucchelli, CVAP
KTH Optical Flow Based Structure from Motion
2002-06-07 Girard Lelup Laurent, Medieteknik
Measurement and Prediction Procedures for Printability in Flexography
2002-05-17 Duccio Fanelli, NA-gruppen
Self-gravitating systems and Beam Dynamics in a Storage Ring
2002-05-08 Marianne Klaman, Medieteknik
Aspects on Colour Rendering, Colour Control in Printed Media
2002-03-15 Dennis Tell, CVAP/CAS
Wide Baseline Matching with Applications to Visual Servoing
2002-03-01 Lars Petersson, CVAP/CAS
A Framework for Integration of Processes in Autonomous Systems
2002-02-15 Johannes Keukelaar, TCS-gruppen
Topics in Soft Computing
2001-12-14 Christian Persson, Medieteknik
Strategies for enhancing consumer interaction in electronic retailing (abstract only)
2001-11-02 Mattias Liefvendahl, NA-gruppen
Stability results for viscous shock waves and plane Couette flow
2001-11-02 Hee Cheol (Ezra) Kim, IPLab
Computer Support for Collaborative Reviewing of Documents
2001-11-02 Hedvig Sidenbladh, CVAP
Probabilistic Tracking and Recognition of 3D Human Motion in Monocular Video Sequences
2001-10-12 Konrad Tollmar, CID/IPLab
Towards CSCW Design in the Scandinavian Tradition
2001-10-05 Patrik Skogquist, NA-gruppen
High Order Adaptive Difference Methods for Combustible Flows
2001-09-21 Öjvind Johansson, TCS-gruppen
Graph Decomposition Using Node Labels
2001-06-14 Danica Kragic, CVAP/CAS
Visual Servoing for Manipulation: Robustness and Integration Issues
2001-06-11 Sergei Simdyankin, NA-gruppen
Computer Simulation of Condensed Phases with Icosahedral Local Order
2001-05-31 Danny Roobaert, CVAP
Pedagogical Support Vector Learning, a Pure Learning Approach to Object Recognition
2001-05-04 Kristina Sabelström Möller, Medieteknik
Information categories and editorial processes in multiple channel publishing
2001-03-30 Gunnar Ledfelt, NA-gruppen
Hybrid Time-Domain Methods and Wire Models for Computational ElectroMagnetics
2001-03-30 Alex Jonsson, Medieteknik
Enhancing workflows in on-line information sharing systems
2001-03-23 David Nistér, CVAP
Automatic Dense Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Video Sequences
2001-03-23 Björn Eiderbäck, IPLab
Object Oriented Frameworks with Design Patterns for Building Distributed Information Sharing
2001-03-23 Panagiota Koulouva ri, Medieteknik
Organizational learning in dynamic environments - case studies from the media industry
2001-03-09 Ulf Andersson, NA-Gruppen
Time-Domain Methods for the Maxwell Equations
2000-11-17 Lars Ivansson, TCS
Computational Aspects of Radiation Hybrid Mapping
2000-05-26 Gunnar Andersson, TCS
Some New Randomized Approximation Algorithms
2000-05-12 Anna-Karin Tornberg, NA-gruppen
Interface Tracing Methods with Application to Multiphase Flows
2000-04-25 Lars Engebretsen, TCS
Approximate Constraint Satisfaction
2000-03-30 Kristian T. Simsarian, CVAP
Toward Human-Robot Collaboration (abstract only)
2000-01-27 Lars Arvestad, TCS
Algorithms for biological sequence alignment

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