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Licentiatavhandlingar på Nada 2000-2002

2002-11-29 Reynir Levi Gudmundsson, NA-gruppen
On stability of solutions to two -fluid models for dispersed two-phase flow
2002-08-26 Jesper Fredriksson, TCS-Gruppen
Evolutionary Development of Brain Imaging Meta-analysis Systems
2002-06-10 Tomas Wilhelmsson, NA-Gruppen
Parallelization of the HIROMB Ocean Model
2002-05-31 Marie-Louise Rinman, CID
Forms of Interaction in Mixed Reality Media Performance A study of the artistic event DESERT RAIN
2002-02-20 Guido Zunino, CVAP/CAS
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Navigation in Realistic Environments
2002-01-25 Maria Normark, IPLab
Using Technology for Real-Time Coordination of Work A Study of work and artifact use in the everyday activities at SOS Alarm.
2001-12-18 Malin Siklosi, NA-gruppen
Two aspects of viscous shocks: Existence of a solution and numerical errors, Ch 1, Ch2, Ch 3
2001-12-13 Maria Enroth, Medieteknik
Tools for Eco-efficiency in the Printing Industry
2001-12-13 Anastasios E. Politis, Medieteknik
Human Resource Management Strategies within the Graphic Arts and Media Sector (abstract only)
2001-12-12 Fredrik Winberg, CID
KTH Auditory direct manipulation for blind computer users
2001-12-07 Jonas Rehn, Medieteknik
Information Flow and Physical Distribution Planning in Newspaper Delivery (abstract only)
2001-12-07 Kyoung-Sook Moon, NA-gruppen
Convergence rates of adaptive algorithms for deterministic and stochastic differential Ch 1, Ch2, Ch3
2001-06-11 Karim Oukbir, TCS-gruppen
Database Query Language for Uncertain Spatial Data
2001-06-07 Henrry Rodriguez, IPLab
Using the WWW as infrastructure for collaborative production of documents
2001-06-06 Joakim Möller, NA-gruppen
Studies of Recursive Projection Methods for Convergence Acceleration of Steady State Calculations
2001-03-08 Ola Knutsson, IPLab
Automatisk språkgranskning av svensk text
2001-02-21 Anders Hedman, CID
Visitor Orientation: Human-Computer Interaction in Digital Places
2000-12-12 Raul Tempone, NA-gruppen
Weak Approximation of Ito Stochastic Differential Equations and Related Adaptive Algorithms
2000-10-16 Duccio Fanelli, NA-gruppen
On the dynamics of self-gravitating systems and a new interpretation of the resonance theory for betatron motion
2000-10-05 Ann Fatton, IPLab
Design and evaluation of a page-based writing environment
2000-06-16 Christer Andersson, NA -gruppen
Numerical Simulation of Dendritic Solidification Using a Phase Field Model
2000-04-06 Petter Kolm, NA -gruppen
Quadruple and Octuple Layer Potentials in Two Dimensions
2000-02-15 Christian Wauquiez, NA-gruppen
Shape Optimization of Low Speed Airfoils using MATLAB and Automatic Differentiation

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