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Student at NADA

Each year more than 3000 KTH students and 300 SU (Stockholm University) students take courses in numerical analysis, computer science, human-computer interaction and media technologi at NADA. More than 100 students choose to take one of our specializations each year or and do a master's project at NADA. NADA gives courses for most of the master's programs at KTH but there is a focus on the programs in Computer science and engineering, Engineering physics, and Media technology. NADA has a main responsibility for the education at the program in Mathematics and computer science at SU.

NADA also has around 100 PhD students.

On these pages we have tried to gather information for our students that is specific to studies at NADA.

The student guide is a short dictionary explaining things as how to assign for taking courses and exams, how to hand in lab reports etc.

Information on NADA education -- courses, specializatioons etc. is found on the . NADA education web pages.


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