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What students can expect from NADA

NADA is a big department with lots of education and many teachers. We have high ambitions for our education. Most teachers at NADA enjoy teaching and find it stimulating. Much pedagogical development has been made at NADA through the years, mainly concerning new ways of teaching and examining. There is a continuous discussion among the teachers about pedagogical questions and we have internal pedagogical seminars. We have also made serious efforts to get a well functioning administration for the education.

We hope that you see our ambitions. If you have critique or suggestions for improvements, please talk to the teacher. If it does not directly concern a course or if you have problems talking to the teacher please turn to one of the directors of studies. Feel free to choose medium: e-mail, phone, paper, or a personal meeting. We would like to see a dialog.


You can expect teachers to read e-mail regularly and answer letters. Response times may vary. Many teachers get lots of e-mail - and lots of junk mail. So give your letter a descriptive subject. You can not expect teachers to answer questions where the answer can be found by reading e.g. the course web page. And you can not expect teachers to solve programming problems concerning e.g. your lab work by sending them your programs.

Be careful when using attachments. Many teachers have Unix computers and can not read MsOffice files. Some teachers read e-mail from home and do not want to transfer large files over a modem.


Putting results into res

You can expect that lab results are put into the res system within a couple of days (provided that you have checked into res). Some teachers also put results from exams into res, others do not.

Putting results into Ladok

You can exptect that results from written exams are put into Ladok within a couple of days after the exam has been corrected. Around holidays it may take longer.

Lab results and similar are normally not put into Ladok directly. Usually this is not done until the deadline for the lab is passed. If it is important to you that the result is reported promptly, please tell the teacher so.


Course grading

When the course starts you can expect that there is information on what has to be done to pass the course on the course web page. On most courses grades are given (grades 3-5) and then you can expect to find information on what the grades are based on (e.g. on the the number of points on the written exam).

Quality work

At NADA substantial quality work is done, e.g. course evaluations. You can expect a course analysis to appear on the course web page about a month after the course has ended. You can also expect to find course analyses from earlier years.

Get in touch with the teachers

Usually the easiest way to get in touch with the teachers is in connection to classes. Most teachers either have a reception hour or can take visits at other times. But you can not expect a teacher to take visits at any time or that they always have time for your questions. Normally you can not expect a teacher to help you solving problems. NADA can not afford to pay the teachers to do much work of this kind.


Respect and consideration

You can expect NADA staff to treat you with respect and consideration just as they expect you to treat them with respect and consideration.

Correcting exams, reports etc.

You can expect exams to be corrected within fifteen work days (ten if it is a second exam). The same limits apply to reports and other assignments that are handed in. The time is counted from the deadline for submittance.

Lectures and other classes

You can expect the teacher to be on time for lectures and other classes, to be well prepared and to bring the material that is needed. You can expect the teacher to dedicate himself to the teaching just as NADA expects you to dedicate yourself to listening, reflecting, and taking notes.

Of course, you can expect to see what the teacher writes, here what he/she says, and that the message is on the right level. You can also expect the teacher to try to stimulate your interest and learning.

You can expect the teacher to make a break and end the class at approximately the time given in the schedule (unless something else has been agreed upon).


Course material

About a week before course start, you can expect to find information about course literature on the course web page. For many courses a course package containing e.g. articles and guides is sold at the student office. If so, you can not expect to be able to buy it before course start. You can expect that most of the course material, like directions and tasks for the lab work is at hand at course start. If the teacher hands out copies of overheads used during the lectures, you can not expect to get them before the lecture.


If material is handed out during lectures/classes you can expect that there is a copy for each student present. You can also expect that it can be picked up afterwards and that the course web page tells how this can be done (usually either in the course material room outside the student office or digitally from the course web page).

Web information

You can expect up-dated information on the course web page from around a week before course start and during the course.

You can expect to find all administrative information that is specific to the course on the course web page or in the course package.


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